Hanging Out Together is a Kidz Bop episode from Season 2 In this episode, John Ritter comes to visit the Kidz Bop Kids

The episode begins with snow falling from the sky. The Kidz Bop Kids make a sculpture of a snowman. Then The Kidz Bop Kids take an exciting skiing adventure The Kidz Bop Kids grow tired, and go inside. Ashlyn says that John Ritter is going to arrive any minute. John comes in and welcomes the Kidz Bop Kids John takes the Kidz Bop Kids to the beach Grey, Kath, Kel,.Cree and Cam explain to John to meet the kids. Then he takes the kids back to their home. John invites the kids to a game of checkers, and the kids follow the instructions of the game. Later, John plays a game of tag with the kids, and runs faster than the others, Then, they play a game of Leapfrog. After that, they play a game of Monopoly, Scrabble, and finally a jigsaw puzzle. John leaves, the episode zooms out and ends with a fade out effect.


This is the first time John Ritter appears in the series.

Kidz Bop and Clifford The Big Red Dog are both shows produced by Scholastic.