Ashlynn Chong
Ashlynn Chong 2015
Vital statistics
Title Ashlynn Chong! Shopping is FUN!
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Faction N/A
Health Excellent Conditions
Hair Color Brown/Blonde
Status Awesome
Location California
Age 18
Species Human!
Ashlynn Chong (born June 5, 2001) was a singer from the Kids Bop Kids from 2014 to 2016.

Roles in the series

SUCH A SWEETIE! Ashlynn is a total chocoholic! She has a serious sweet-tooth and makes sure she never skips dessert.

FASHION QUEEN Ashlynn loves shopping; she even woke up at 2:00 in the morning once to go shopping for Black Friday with her family. She was tired, but her new boots were worth it!

ALOHA ASHLYNN Her dad is from Hawaii and she loves to visit her ohana (Hawaiian word for “family”) there during the holidays and explore the islands together! Ashlynn gets together with her siblings and cousins to hike, kayak, swim and camp out on the beach.

SHE’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS… AND MORE! Right now, Ashlynn can play the piano, guitar, bass, drums and ukulele. But, she’s not stopping there! Her goal is to learn how to play 10 instruments!

TOTAL BOOKWORM! When she’s not on stage, you can find her reading a novel or writing down lyrics to an original song. You might even find her sketching some fashion designs for a new look she’s putting together.

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Jessie J, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and Ingrid Michaelson


  • After she was a Kidz Bop kid, she introduced Ahnya and Sierra
  • She used to be in Kidz Bop, until she got too old, she enjoyed it, though.


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